Alfred Gallery is in Early Access

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Alfred Gallery FAQ

Alfred Gallery is created and maintained by the Alfred team.

As the official source for Alfred workflows, the Gallery provides an easy way to discover Workflows created by our amazing community, as well as safely install and update them.

What does Early Access mean?

Alfred Gallery is still in development, with a large number of workflows already in review for inclusion. Every workflow is carefully checked, which initially can take some time, so the sooner you submit your workflows, the earlier you'll be added to the Gallery.

We'll continue to evolve and grow the Gallery over the coming months, but we couldn't wait to share it with you, so we've opened the doors early!

What is a Workflow?

Alfred Workflows are a way to extend Alfred's features, allowing you to get things done your way by speeding up repetitive tasks, and integrating with your favourite Mac apps and services.

You can create your own Workflows or browse the Gallery to find workflows created by the Alfred team and the community.

What do I need to use an Alfred Workflow?

To use Alfred's Workflows, you'll need to download Alfred and activate your Powerpack license. You can buy a Powerpack license if you don't have one yet.

Workflows on the Gallery are optimised for Alfred 5 to take advantage of the latest features; Some workflows may offer an Alfred 4 download link as well.

Why can't I install an Alfred Gallery Workflow?

Ensure you're using the latest Alfred 5 update, as some workflows are optimised for Alfred 5 only.

How can I submit my Workflow, or a Workflow I like using?

Your can submit workflows via the Workflow Submission on Alfred Forum.

Take a look at guide on how to submit your Workflows for the Gallery, including how to provide screenshots, which will help us review and add workflows more efficiently.