How to Submit a Workflow

Sharing on the forum is a great way to get people to use your workflow and help you polish it by finding bugs and requesting features. Once a workflow is determined to be generally stable and trusted by a number of users, the Alfred team will invite you to submit it officially to the Alfred Gallery.

Which Workflows are Included

Workflows in the Gallery can have a single function or perform a set of related tasks. They can use no code or be programmed in any language, and they can satisfy a niche need or interconnect popular services.

When relevant, allowing users to configure the workflow to customise it to their needs can make all the difference.

Workflows should respect users’ privacy and be safe. They can rely on external software but should never download and run it themselves after being installed or bypass macOS’ safety features like Gatekeeper. The Alfred community expects to be able to audit a workflow’s contents.

If you have questions, our friendly forum is the best place to ask.