Alfred Gallery is in Early Access

Squillions more workflows coming soon - Submit a Workflow

How to Submit a Workflow

In the early days of the Gallery, please submit or suggest workflows via the Alfred Forum.

There are two kinds of submissions:

Hosted Workflows

The most common type. These workflows have their own page on the web, such as a GitHub repository or your own website.

In the Gallery they are associated with your creator page, which features your other workflows.

Community Workflows

If you have a simple but useful workflow to share and don’t want to go the hosted route, you can submit it to be associated with the community creator.

Community workflows keep the name of the original author but are licensed under CC0 and may be edited by the Alfred team (e.g. to expand the selection of triggers). Bundle IDs will be modified to the pattern to reflect this.

These must have little to no code. For code-heavy workflows, or if you want to be featured in the Alfred Gallery with your own creator page, use the hosted solution.