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Markdown Notes

Manage Markdown Notes

Version 3.3.3 by Acidham


Set the location of your markdown files folder and your markdown editor and viewer apps in the Workflow’s Configuration.


Search the contents of markdown files via the mds keyword. &, |, and * help refine your search:

  • wood table Search for exact phrase.
  • wood&table Search for both words.
  • wood|table Search for either word.
  • tab* Search for words starting with tab.

Searching files

Search for task list items with the mdt keyword.

Searching tasks

In both cases, opens the file in your markdown editor and reveals more actions.

Action note

Further options are available with the Universal Actions.

Universal actions for markdown notes

Search tags with the md# keyword. Tags can be added to files with simple syntax:

Tags: #work #ideas

Searching tags

If a tag matches the configured Bookmark Tag keyword, the URLs from that file will be displayed with the mdb keyword.

Searching URLs

Create new notes via mdc. Give a title optionally followed by tags.

Creating new note