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Version 1.0.0 by Alex Martin

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Open WordReference translation pages via the workflow’s keywords, which consist of pairs of languages. Example: enpt translates from English to Portuguese. Type en to see the languages available to translate from English. Press to autocomplete the keyword.

Alfred search for en

Alfred search for enpt potato

English isn’t the only source language supported:

  • ar Arabic
  • zh Chinese
  • cz Czech
  • nl Dutch
  • en English
  • fr French
  • gr Greek
  • it Italian
  • ja Japanese
  • ko Korean
  • pl Polish
  • pt Portuguese
  • ro Romanian
  • ru Russian
  • es Spanish
  • sv Swedish
  • tr Turkish

Keywords are available for more than translation:

  • def Define.
  • syn Find synonyms.
  • use Find usage examples.
  • col List composites.
  • conj Conjugate verb.

Alfred search for def potato