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Search and open 1Password items

Version 2023.8 by Alfred Team

This workflow requires 1Password.

Note from Alfred Team

This Workflow is for 1Password 8. For older versions, see Alfred Preferences → Features → 1Password.


Install the 1Password CLI and turn on the integration in 1Password Preferences → Developer → Connect with 1Password CLI.

1Password preferences


Interact with your 1Password items via the 1p keyword.

Alfred search for 1p

  • : Open and Fill.
  • : View in 1Password.
  • : Copy Password.
  • : Copy Username.
  • : Copy One-Time Password

Uncommon but useful actions, such as toggling vaults, can be accessed with :1pextras.

Alfred search for :1pextras

Results for managing vaults

A Fallback Search is included.

To report a problem, run !1pdiagnostic.