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Google Drive

List File Stream contents from Google Drive

Version 2024.1 by Alfred Team


Set your Google Drive’s location in the Workflow’s Configuration.


Search the contents of your Google Drive via the gd keyword. Filter for folders only with gdf. Fallback Searches are included.

Alfred search for gd

Alfred search for gd fran

  • Open.
  • Reveal in Finder.
  • Search on Google Drive’s website.

You’ll be asked to build the cache on the first run. A notification will show when it’s ready. The more files you have, the longer the wait. A macOS launchd agent will be loaded to do it daily. An immediate cache rebuild can be forced with .

The Universal Actions make it straightforward to copy and move files to a Google Drive folder.

File Actions for Google Drive copy and mode

To report a problem, run !gddiagnostic.