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Browse and interact with Plex media servers

Version 2.2.2 by Benjamin Oddou

🗒 Note from Alfred Team

Consult the Workflow’s website for the full feature set and documentation.


Start the workflow with the plex keyword and choose Plex AccountsConnect a new plex account. Sign in.

Adding new account


Launch the workflow via the plex keyword.

Showing all options

Plex Search

Search media within your server. Type a name and optionally its type separated by a /. Use the available filters and fields to search with greater precision.

Searching for Big Buck Bunny

Searching Fandango

  • Display the child element of the media (show, season, actor, director, artist, album, genre).
  • Open the media on the web (excluding genre).
  • Stream the media locally (movie, episode, clip, track, album).
  • Open the media using Movie and TV Show Search (show, movie).

Plex Presets

Manage presets for quick searches.

Showing presets

Showing preset filtering

Plex Media Servers

Register and manage your Plex servers.

Managing server

Plex Help

Configure the workflow and access filter and sort options