Open Conference URL - Changelog


Add support for Slack conference URLs (


  • Fixes compatibility with macOS Ventura.


Fixes an issue where the macOS permission prompt (for calendar access) was not triggering on macOS Sonoma.


  • Fixed a bug where the icalBuddy integration did not honor the "Calendars" setting to specify which calendars you want to read from.
  • Updated the icalBuddy date parsing logic to better handle events that have the same start time and end time (i.e. zero-duration events).
  • Improved the icalBuddy parsing logic to gracefully ignore events which cannot be parsed.


Fixed macOS Sonoma compatibility for users of the default (AppleScript) mode.


  • New major version major with notable new features and changes to improve performance, configurability, and day-to-day usability.
  • icalBuddy integration.
  • Conference Domains and Calendar Names options are now text areas.
  • Improved sorting of events.
  • Type hints have been added throughout the entire codebase.

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