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Play Song

Quickly play songs via the Music app

Version 9.0.1 by Caleb Evans


Control through the available keywords:

  • playsong: Play song.
  • playsongin: Play song in a particular album.
  • playsongby: Play song by a particular artist.
  • playalbum: Play album.
  • playalbumby: Play album by a particular artist.
  • playartist: Play artist.
  • playgenre: Play genre.
  • playplaylist: Play playlist.
  • playqueue: Play songs in queue (add with ).
  • clearqueue: Clear songs in queue.
  • shuffleon: Turn shuffle on.
  • shuffleoff: Turn shuffle off.
  • shuffletoggle: Toggle shuffle.

Alfred search for playsong star

Alfred search for playalbumby muse

  • : Play selection.
  • : Add to queue.
  • : Search on Google.

If you experience an issue such as outdated artwork, run clearcache.