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System Monitoring and Process Management

Version 1.3.1 by Chris Grieser


List all available tools via atop. The most frequently used have their own configurable keywords.

Listing all tools


Search running processes with the top keyword.

Searching running processes

  • Kill the process.
  • Force kill the process.
  • Kill all processes with the same name.
  • If the process belongs to a regular app, restart it.
  • Copy process ID.

Icon legend

  • indicates that the process is owned by root.
  • n⇣ means that the process is a parent of n child processes.
  • ↖ foobar indicates that the process is a child of foobar.


Search paired bluetooth devices with the blue keyword.

Searching paired bluetooth devices

  • Toggle connection if blueutil is installed. Otherwise, open bluetooth in System Preferences.
  • Copy device address.

Removable Volumes

Search mounted volumes via the vol keyword.

Searching mounted volumes

  • Open the Volume in the Finder.
  • Browse the Volume in terminal.
  • Eject Volume.


Change DNS servers via the dns keyword.

Showing DNS servers