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Neovim Utilities

Search neovim plugins and online :help

Version 2.3.2 by Chris Grieser


Search the Neovim documentation via the :h keyword.

Neovim help

  • Open the help page in the web browser.
  • Copy page URL.
  • Y (or tap ) Quick Look the page.

Search awesome-neovim with the vp keyword.

Neovim plugin search

  • Open the plugin’s GitHub repository.
  • Open the help page of the plugin on GitHub.
  • Copy the GitHub URL.
  • Search GitHub issues of the plugin.

Search for locally installed plugins via the ip keyword. The modifiers above also apply. In addition, fn opens the local directory of the plugin in the Finder.

Search for tools available via mason.vim with the mason keyword.

Display your old files via the :old keyword. They are opened in the default editor for the respective file type. To open them directly in neovim, you need a neovim GUI with “Open With” capability.