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Client for the pass command-line tool

Version 2.1.0 by Chris Grieser

This workflow requires pass, pinentry-mac.

Alfred can help manage Homebrew dependencies once the workflow is installed.


Set up pass with a GPG key, as per the instructions on the pass website. Then Configure pinentry-mac as your pinentry program:

   [[ -d "$HOME/.gnupg" ]] || mkdir "$HOME/.gnupg"
    echo "pinentry-program $(brew --prefix)/bin/pinentry-mac" > $HOME/.gnupg/gpg-agent.conf
    gpgconf --kill gpg-agent # restart the agent


Search your passwords via the pw keyword.

Searching passwords

  • Copy password to the clipboard.
  • Edit entry in terminal.
  • Reveal .gpg file of the entry in Finder.
  • Delete entry.
  • Show entry details. Select any to copy the value to the clipboard.

If your search query does not find an entry, you can directly create a new one by pressing . You are then prompted for a folder to place the new entry in. The password of the new entry is auto-generated based on your pass settings, or can be inserted from your clipboard.