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Version 1.11.1 by Chris Grieser


Search documentation sites via the workflow’s keywords:

Searching Pandoc Documentation

Searching Git Documentation

Extra actions are available for local details:

  • coco: Conventional commit keywords.
  • keycode: macOS keycodes.
  • appid: Bundle Identifier of installed apps.
  • win: Window information for the frontmost app.
  • code: Code search on GitHub and SourceGraph.
  • http: HTTP status codes.
  • exit: Common meanings of shell exit codes.
  • uri: URI schemes available on the device.
  • as: AppleScript Dictionaries of installed apps.
  • sound: Preview (pre-listen, technically) to macOS System Sounds.

Listing HTTP Status Codes

Get the Uniform Type Identifier (UTI) of a selected file via the Universal Action.

Universal Action to get UTI