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Shimmering Obsidian

Interact with Obsidian

Version 4.7.4 by Chris Grieser

This workflow requires Obsidian.

🗒 Note from Alfred Team

Consult the Workflow’s website for the full feature set and documentation.


Install the Advanced URI and Metadata Extractor Obsidian plugins to the vault you want to set up. Then set your Vault’s location in the Workflow’s Configuration and initialise the workflow via the osetup keyword.

Setting up vault


Search your notes, aliases, folders, and headings via the o keyword.

Searching notes

  • Open in Obsidian.
  • Open in a new Obsidian tab.
  • Reveal in Finder.
  • Copy the Obsidian URI as a markdown link.
  • Browse a list of all links in the note.
  • fn Append text to the note.
  • Y (or tap ) Quick Look the note. May require a Quick Look plugin.

Other search keywords are available:

  • ol Navigate links in current note.
  • ot Search tags.
  • os Search starred files and searches.
  • or Search recent files.
  • oa Search for attachments.

The modifiers from the o keyword are available, allowing you to traverse your vault.

Create a new note with the on keyword. Action with to create it in a new tab.

Create new note

Search for community plugins and themes with op.

Searching for themes and plugins

  • Open on GitHub.
  • Open in Obsidian.
  • Copy theme URI.
  • Search GitHub issues.
  • Y (or tap ) Quick Look theme’s promo screenshot.

Open specific settings tabs with o,.

Searching settings tabs

When selecting a plugin, new modifiers are accessible:

  • Open in Obsidian.
  • Open plugin’s folder in terminal.
  • Open plugin’s folder in Finder.
  • Copy plugin ID.
  • Enable or disable the plugin.

Search Obsidian’s official documentation with oh.

Searching documentation