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Supercharged Citation Picker

BibTeX Citation Picker for Pandoc Citation Syntax

Version 11.15.1 by Chris Grieser

🗒 Note from Alfred Team

Consult the Workflow’s website for the full feature set and documentation.


Set your BibTeX Library location in the Workflow’s Configuration.


Start the citation picker via the ct keyword. You can search for the title, author/editor (last name), year, collection, or journal name. Configure the Hotkey for faster triggering.

Searching citations


  • You can search for the title, author/editor (last name), year, collection, or journal name.
  • Prepend @ to a word to search for a citekey, for example @Grieser2020.
  • Prepend # to search for keywords (tags), for example #sociology.
  • Search for any combination of the above. For example, the query 2020 #cognition grieser searches for entries published in 2020, with the tag cognition and Grieser as author/editor.

Citation Actions

  • Paste the citekey of the selected citation.
  • Add another citation.
  • Paste an inline-citation (e.g. @Grieser2022 instead of [@Grieser2022]).
  • Add page numbers before pasting the selected citekey.
    • Confirm the page number with (or ) to add another citation afterward.
    • Confirm with for an inline-citation with page number (@Grieser2022 [p. 42]).

URL Actions

  • Open the URL in the browser.
  • C Copy the URL to the clipboard.

In both cases, if the entry has a DOI but not a URL, the citation picker uses the DOI-URL (…) instead.

Additional Features

  • Inserts Pandoc Citation Syntax ([@citekey]), supporting page numbers and multiple citations ([@citekey, p. 23; @citekey, p. 42]). Can also be configured to use LaTeX, Multi-Markdown, eta templates, Org Mode, [[wikilinks]], #tags or bare citkeys as citation format.
  • Paste single-entry bibliographies, open URLs, open or create literature notes, attach PDFs, search for .csl files online, and more.
  • Lightweight Reference Manager: Automatically rename and file PDFs, remove, entries, and more.
  • Quickly Add New Entries: Select a DOI or ISBN and add them directly to your BibTeX library via hotkey.
  • Obsidian Integration: When located in your Obsidian Vault, literature notes are automatically opened or created in Obsidian instead of the default markdown app.