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Access ChatGPT, DALL·E 2, and other OpenAI models

Version 1.5.3 by Chris Lemke

This workflow requires API Key from OpenAI.

🗒 Note from Alfred Team

Language models often give wrong information. Verify answers if they are important.


Talk with ChatGPT via the cf keyword. Answers will show as Large Type.

Asking question to ChatGPT

: Send prompt. : Talk to unlocked ChatGPT. : Save prompt for later.

Alternatively, use the Universal Action, Fallback Search, or Hotkey.

To generate text with InstructGPT models and see results in-line, use the cft keyword.

Asking a question for a capital

Asking a question for a colour

  • Nothing by default. Set one or more actions in the Workflow’s Configuration.
  • Show reply in Large Type.
  • Speak reply.
  • Save conversation to file.
  • Copy reply to clipboard.

Generate images with DALL·E 2 via the cfi keyword.

Asking for an image to be generated