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Weather and Almanac information

Version 1.5 by Giovanni Coppola


Retrieve weather and other almanac information via the !w keyword (configurable). You can enter a location/ZIP code or set default locations in the Workflow’s Configuration.

Alfred showing weather information

  • Copy to the clipboard and paste to the frontmost application.
  • Open the corresponding page on
  • Show the almanac string in large font.

Weather format:

  • %C Weather condition text.
  • %c Weather condition.
  • %t Real temperature.
  • %f “Feels like” temperature.
  • %h Humidity.
  • %w Wind.
  • %m Moon phase.

The almanac section outputs the local date and time; current week of the year; current quarter; days from and to the end of the year; and days from and to the special day.