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OmniFocus Collection

A collection of Alfred actions for OmniFocus

Version 1.0 by The Omni Group

This workflow requires OmniFocus.

🗒 Note from Alfred Team

Consult the Workflow’s website for instructions on how it was built and how to customise it further.


During the initial run of some actions, OmniFocus will ask you to confirm you want to run the code.

First confirmation

Second confirmation


Highlight the top inbox item in OmniFocus via the ib keyword.

Open first inbox item

Create a new sequential project with sq followed by its name.

New sequential project

Projects can be searched with either the sp or prs keywords. sp does a smart search across several item details and returns a list which you can filter further.

Starting a smart search

Showing results from a smart search

The prs keyword shows all projects with the remaining and total number of tasks. Type to filter them by title.

Searching projects

In both cases, pressing opens OmniFocus on the selected project.

Search tags via the tgs keyword. to show in OmniFocus.

Showing tags

Finally, list all tasks due today with tsk.

Start the list of tasks due today

Listing tasks due today

All keywords are editable in the Workflow’s Configuration.