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Interact with the SearchLink System Service

Version 1.2.0 by Stephen Millard


Install the SearchLink System Service.


Search the web and generate Markdown links for text via the sl keyword.

Search for carnation revolution

  • Convert searched text to a Markdown link.
  • Retrieve the result URL.
  • Open URL in a web browser.

The result takes about a second to generate. By default it is copied to the clipboard and pasted to the frontmost app but that behaviour can be changed in the Workflow’s Configuration.

Either action can be forced with the sli and slc keywords. The former always pastes (inserts the text) while the later always copies. List all variations with the slink keyword.

Listing all variations

Alternatively, use the Universal Actions.

Universal Actions for SearchLink

Open the SearchLink configuration for editing with the sle keyword.

Edit SearchLink configuration