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Spotify Mini Player

Interact with your Spotify library

Version 13.3 by Vincent de Saboulin

This workflow requires Spotify, fzf, mpg123, php, API Key from Spotify.

Alfred can help manage Homebrew dependencies once the workflow is installed.

🗒 Note from Alfred Team

Consult the Workflow’s website for the full feature set and documentation.


Create an app on Spotify’s developer dashboard. Pick any App name and App description you like, but ensure the Redirect URI is set to http://localhost:15298/callback.php.

Creating app on Spotify’s website

Navigate to its settings page and you’ll find a Client ID and Client Secret. They look like strings of random characters (e.g. ce72af7d875ec3f46f6be42129c50af0). Copy each value and set them up in the Workflow’s Configuration.

Showing workflow configuration

Open Alfred and use the spot_mini keyword to authenticate to Spotify. Your web browser will open with a page asking for confirmation.

spot_mini authenticate

Finally, run spot_mini once more to create your library.

spot_mini creating library


Interact with your Spotify account via the spot_mini keyword. Configure the Hotkeys for faster triggering.

Preparing to search online

Preparing to search albums online

Searching for Simopath

Listing songs for The Story of Simon Simopath

You can control playback with predictable keywords such as play, pause, previous, next, and shuffle.

Play options

Skip to next track

Shuffle tracks

Several commands are included for Alfred Remote.

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