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Interact with your Pinboard bookmarks

Version 2023.6 by Vítor Galvão

This workflow requires API Key from Pinboard.


Add a new bookmark to your Pinboard account via the pa keyword.

Add bookmark

Browser GUI to add bookmark

Search all bookmarks via the pin keyword or only the unread ones with pun. Actioning an unread bookmark can archive or delete it if the option is set in the Workflow’s Configuration.

Showing bookmarks matching alfr

  • Open URL.
  • Copy URL.
  • View Tags.
  • View Description.
  • Open in Pinboard’s Website.

Configure the Hotkeys as a shortcut to add bookmarks, add the current browser tab as an unread bookmark, or open a random unread bookmark.

Bookmarks are automatically fetched if the local data is old, but an update can be forced with .